Snake is a piece where we explore how hypermasculinity performs and informs  the built environment. The video piece conceptualizes all of us as both preys and predators of this form of ‘land-grabbing’, where it is our cells and our interactions those that are being claimed by foreign forces.


A flag of beliefs that places the individual at the pinnacle of the evolution pyramid, the highest moral ground, the most privileged of spaces but also one of the most vulnerable ones.


Snake looks at our biological bodies as architectural results by focusing on regulatory bio-instruments, such as the contraceptive pill, recreational drugs, or protein shakes, as space-making  devices that seek to erect and mold bodies; architectures of interaction within larger designed territories. Acting as a production line, it establishes the most solids of walls, divisions that start at a biological level, and whose construction depends on cells that support the social constructions that serve as their mortar. In the video piece we explore and document the ways in which bodies subvert the spatial structures but also how spaces condition bodies to submit to the norm – how bodies transform through architectural devices allowing to reach higher in the hypermasculine evolution scale.


Throughout the project we looked and engaged intimately with two particular environments – outdoor gyms and cruising spots – that allowed us to capture and understand different aspects of the hypermasculinity and how it is played out in the public or semi-public urban realm.


Project producer: Alina Bibisheva




bio-public hypermasculity

video (post production) -- 2016